A Special Thank you to Gloria Swanson-Ream on the occasion of her birthday, June 10, 2008,

written on the beach of the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel

By Lucy Iscaro


Gloria Swanson-Ream, Gloria Swanson-Ream,

It’s her job to fulfill the Tauck guest’s dream.


“A room with a view, I’ll get it for you!”

“A shady Lanai, in the wink of my eye!”

“Royal Palm trees, I’ll do it with ease!”


Gloria Swanson-Ream, Gloria Swanson-Ream

She never seems to run out of steam.

She is the queen of H.W. 19.

A Robert’s bus her royal coach.

She spins tale after tale, some of them true,

And sets us to paddle outrigger canoes.


Gloria Swanson-Ream, Gloria Swanson-Ream

You are my Kona Coffee cream.

We came to you tired, jet-lagged and depressed

Crabby, demanding and so over-dressed

But soon you had us over our woes

Off went our frowns and fussy clothes.

Soon we, like the Nene Goose,

Began to hang, way, way, loose


Tomorrow…back to the east we go

But first…to you a big




Farewell Party Album